Photography by Kristina Marie *PHOTO-POET*

Kristina Marie

I was born in the beautiful Southern California county of Orange, home of Disneyland, beaches, and Pup N Taco stands. The sixth daughter for a biker and a sensitive, yet striking, redhead, I witnessed a wild variety of personalities and adopted something from each.

Early on, I gravitated to the visual arts. The biker, was also a photographer for a popular magazine, & often brought home books and periodicals filled with images on every subject.

I begged for a camera & was first rewarded with a 110, then, in the fifth grade I got a popular “disk” camera. I lost my disk camera to the ocean, on a trip to the beach & film for the 110 was expensive for a kid.

Finally, my first year of high school, my father decided I was ready for a 35 mm camera, he took me to a camera shop & bought me a Konica camera for my 15th birthday. His response to my first contact sheet was, “Oh, you like that artsy-fartsy stuff, huh?”

Indeed I do!

After learning the ins & outs of basic photography, I left the rest to chance. Experimenting with exposure, film, color, contrast and subject, I developed styles I enjoyed over others, and a point of view as an artist.


I love beauty and the fantastic, striving to capture or create it with my images.

Anger is easy to come by, I’d rather create something grand and noble.

Sometimes fashion photography is just that, but in my shots, you get a little more; a glimmer in the eye of the model, that tells a more interesting tale.

Occasionally dark, always glorious, the models/friends you see on my page, are colorful threads weaving their way in and out of my life. Leaving statements for the viewer to ponder.

I enjoy capturing anything creative, from personalities, to motorcycles, to performances...